Sex: Male vs. Female

Becky Holman

According to Laura Berman, Ph.D., romance and sex are important for men and women but for different reasons: “Sex often feeds intimacy for men, so the more sex they have, the more likely they are to want to hug, kiss and cuddle. For women the opposite is true—those little romantic gestures rev their sex drive.” Men, do you want more sack time? Try showering her with romantic gestures, compliments and touches.


Iron Halos, Steel Commands

Dave Draper

Iron Halos, Steel Commands

Ah, the weekend to myself. Laree’s gone to visit her mom north of the Napa Valley in California’s charming wine country. The sun clings to the thin edge of fall, unable to conceal the restrained cold of a restless winter. There’s a lot said in the candid utterance, “Brrrr,” on the lips of those whose sleeves are too short for the chilly day.

Elijah Maine

Ian Sitren

Elijah Maine

BodySpace member Elijah Main, a.k.a. “SuperMaine,” set a record for this feature: A United States Navy Seabee, Elijah is stationed at a naval air base in Sicily, and he flew all the way to Palm Springs, California, for the shoot. That’s the longest distance ever traveled by a BodySpace member for his or her photo shoot.

Total Training

C.S. Sloan

Total Training

Many bodybuilders believe that full-body workouts are only for beginners. In fact, they’re so out of fashion nowadays that it’s not uncommon for rank beginners to go right to split workouts without ever attempting a full-body program. What a travesty! The old-time bodybuilding gods must be hanging their heads in bewilderment and shame.

From Heart Attack to Seriously Jacked

Sean Katterle

From Heart Attack to
Seriously Jacked

Ienjoyed watching the Summer Olympics. Thanks to NBC’s additional coverage via Internet streaming video, for the first time ever I was able to watch hours and hours of Olympic lifting and the other sports I prefer over what airs in prime time. I’m 35, and I noticed that a lot of the competitors were a decade or more younger than I was and that most of the athletes who are about my age were described by the commentators as being in the twilight of their peak-performance years. That made me think about how rare it is to find a sports practitioner beyond the age of 40 who’s impressive not only in the masters division but in the open class as well. And when you come across one who’s still swinging for the fences in his 60s, it’s truly an inspiration. Jay Papish is such an athlete.

Confessions of a Recovering Bodybuilder

Skip La Cour

Confessions of a Recovering Bodybuilder

La Cour continues his revealing introspective on his addiction to bodybuilding and how his one-dimensional focus slowed his growth as a complete person.

The Need for Control

I was a Spartan—and I prided myself on being one.

By Spartan, I mean I was so mentally tough that I needed very little of life’s pleasure to make me happy and fulfilled. I never missed a workout. I never let pain or injuries slow me down. I never missed a meal in that entire time—and I certainly never cheated on my diet.