Natural Anabolics.

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Nutrients, Compounds and Supplements That Can Accelerate Muscle Growth Without Drugs

Regular IRON MAN readers know the name Jerry Brainum well. He’s IM’s go-to nutrition-science guru who has his thumb on—no, make that both hands wrapped around—the latest research. The best thing about Jerry is his down-to-earth ability to translate ivory tower science speak to understandable English so that just about anyone can grasp the findings and apply them.

Oh, and this is a biggie: Brainum has no agenda—that is, he’s not beholding to any supplement company—so he tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth based on the latest scientific studies. That type of integrity is hard to find these days and a true breath of fresh air.

It’s taken Jerry a few years to finally publish his first body of work, but the wait was worth it. His new e-book, Natural Anabolics, is Jerry’s straight-shooting look at exactly what in the vast supplement arena builds muscle and burns fat. So much out there is touted as the latest, greatest fat-to-muscle miracle mixture, but Jerry cuts through all the B.S. and analyzes the most popular nutrients and compounds with plenty of research backup. And there are a number of surprises, like an herb that proved in one study to burn fat and boost testosterone! Bodybuilders will want to try this one immediately.

Brainum analyzes the latest research on each supplement and provides an applications-and-recommendations section for every one—he summarizes his findings and gives his suggestions on how best to use it for optimal results. Also, at the end of the e-book he lays out his natural-anabolics supplement schedule, a one-day template with times and amounts for each item he’s discussed. It’s your printable supplement map to fast results.

Every chapter highlights the key points in bold type so that those who want to speed-read through can easily grasp the relevant info.

Natural Anabolics is a complete, understandable reference and how-to guide to the stuff that really works, and you’ll go back to it again and again. It’s an incredible initial offering from a knowledgeable expert you can trust to give you the whole truth.

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Food Facts

Becky Holman

Food Facts

•Frozen vegetables can often contain more nutrients than so-called fresh. Why? Vitamins and phytochemicals start breaking down when the vegetables are harvested. If they’re frozen immediately, those nutrients remain; if they’re shipped long distances and then sit on store shelves, nutrient content can degrade.

Nutrient Timing Anabolic Switch

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Nutrient Timing
Anabolic Switch

John Ivy is a graduate of Old Dominion College, has a doctorate from the University of Maryland and completed two postdoctoral research positions before coming to the University of Texas 23 years ago. He currently chairs the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Texas, Austin, is the Margie Seay Centennial Professor and also holds an appointment at the College of Pharmacy. Both of his recently published books, Nutrient Timing (2004) and The Performance Zone (2004), are a breath of fresh air for iron-game enthusiasts interested in breaking out of antiquated nutritional models and making real, natural gains.

Muscle Firepower

Jerry Brainum

Muscle Firepower

An often repeated rule in bodybuilding is that you should rest a muscle group at least 48 hours between workouts. Training a muscle every day will lead to zero progress, since you never let the muscle recover. The recovery process involves a variety of reactions in the body, including complete muscle protein synthesis, without which there is no progress. Studies show that muscle protein synthesis peaks at the 48-hour mark following a weight workout. Replenishing the body’s store of glycogen—which powers bodybuilding workouts and is required for full muscle repair after training—also takes at least 48 hours.