Nathan Powers

Ian Sitren

His BodySpace handle is “TriednTrue.” Combine his name, his tattoos and the story behind them, and you start getting the idea that Nate Powers is a serious guy—still having some fun but with some real direction in life.

This 22-year-old student, originally from Newport Beach, California, is on his way to being an orthopedic surgeon. He chose medicine because he had a twin sister who died of leukemia when she was just six months old. Nate grew up with his family’s involvement in supporting the search for a cure for the disease. That purpose has also always caused him and his family to believe that it’s his destiny to be a doctor who will one day be instrumental in finding that cure.

Nate got involved in fitness when he was in high school. At the age of 14 he was a fat kid, almost 200 pounds. Bad eating was the cause, and, like so many kids, he got picked on a lot. So he set out to change, and a lot of cardio later he got to 140 pounds and then started lifting weights. Now he’s ripped and ready for his first bodybuilding competition at 5’10”, 173 pounds.

Nate discovered BodySpace on Body
Building.com in March 2008. He found people like himself who wanted to look and feel great and be healthy. He was able to ask questions and get quick answers. At BodyBuilding.com he found workouts, exercise ideas, diet hints, videos and a whole lot more. “TriednTrue” quickly became one of the most popular members on BodySpace.

Now, about those tattoos: The design is Nate’s own. It has two Japanese koi swimming together, symbolizing himself and his twin sister. It also has the dates of her life. The two crosses are very special: They symbolize two promises Nate made to himself, two promises that at least for some time to come he will not share with anyone.

“TriednTrue” is what Nate is and what makes him be a better and healthier person. Visit him on BodySpace.com/
TriednTrue, and tell him that you saw him in IRON MAN.


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