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Ms. Olympia Turns 30

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• The total prize money at the first Ms. Olympia was $10,000, with $5,000 going to winner Rachel McLish.

• The biggest total purse was $115,000, which was given out in both 1995 and ’96, as Lenda Murray and Kim Chizevsky, respectively, each took home a $50,000 first prize.

• The youngest Ms. Olympia competitor was 17-year-old Laurie Johnston in 1980.

• The eldest is Betty Pariso, 52, who competed in the ’08 Ms. O and is still active in the pro ranks.

• The slimmest margin of victory was one point in 1991, when Lenda Murray edged Bev Francis by a final score of 31 to 32.     


Ms. Olympia Champions


1980—Rachel McLish, USA

1981—Kike Elomaa, Finland

1982—Rachel McLish, USA

1983—Carla Dunlap, USA

1984—Cory Everson, USA

1985—Cory Everson, USA

1986—Cory Everson, USA

1987—Cory Everson, USA

1988—Cory Everson, USA

1989—Cory Everson, USA

1990—Lenda Murray, USA

1991—Lenda Murray, USA

1992—Lenda Murray, USA

1993—Lenda Murray, USA

1994—Lenda Murray, USA

1995—Lenda Murray, USA

1996—Kim Chizevsky, USA

1997—Kim Chizevsky, USA

1998—Kim Chizevsky, USA

1999—Kim Chizevsky, USA

2000—Andrulla Blanchette, England (LW)*; Valentina Chipega, Ukraine (HW)*

2001—Juliette Bergmann, Holland

2002—Lenda Murray, USA

2003—Lenda Murray, USA

2004—Iris Kyle, USA

2005—Yaxeni Oriquen, Venezuela

2006—Iris Kyle, USA

2007—Iris Kyle, USA

2008—Iris Kyle, USA


*No overall winner was selected in 2000.