Amy Sedlatschek

Ian Sitren

AmySuds is her BodySpace handle. Her real name is a bit tougher, Amy Sedlatschek. But she has another name you won’t believe: Grandma! Amy is the mother of six and a grandmother of one, so far. And she manages to be one of the six most popular women members on the BodySpace community at BodyBuilding.com every day, month after month.

She’s popular not just because she’s built a great healthy body in the past two years but also because of her immense enthusiasm for being healthy, working out, life itself and especially her family. Robert, her husband, is not only supportive but also an admiring, caring guy who truly appreciates his wife. You seldom find him without a camera taking photos of her.

Amy got her start in fitness to keep up with her kids, and it is that devotion to fitness that has helped her now celebrate two years of sobriety. “Part of my recovery plan as an alcoholic is based on avoiding depression,” she says. “My love of fitness and thirst for knowledge has kept it at bay.”

Although she reads fitness magazines every night, she’s also devoted to the community of BodySpace on BodyBuilding
.com. “Since I joined the site in February this year, I have been hooked. No matter how hard I try to stay away, I end up logging on.” It appears that the other members on BodySpace are equally devoted to and motivated by Amy. Her BodySpace profile since she joined in February 2008 has been visited more than 333,000.

So what’s next for Amy? She’s been bitten with the competition bug and is prepping for the figure stage.

Visit Amy on BodySpace and get motivated by her too. Look for “AmySuds” on BodyBuilding.com or BodySpace.com/AmySuds. Tell her you saw her in IRON MAN.


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