Low-Carb Leftovers

Daniel Curtis, R.D.

Low-Carb Leftovers

While nutritionists advise eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, recent studies have zeroed in on the fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts that have the highest antioxidant contents. Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals, which are substances that can damage healthy cells, causing a host of diseases, including heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Experts worry that the low-carb fanatics who exclude fruit from their diets in an effort to lose weight miss out on the antioxidants they could be getting.

Food Facts

Becky Holman

Food Facts

Coca-Cola is high in sugar—one can has about nine teaspoons—as you probably know. But did you know that many of the new flavored bottled waters contain almost as much sugar as a Coke? Check the label of your chosen brand. It may be one reason you’re not getting lean.

B-vitamins are important, especially when you are dieting. Vitamin B1, a.k.a. thiamine, helps your body convert carbs, amino acids and fats to energy—rather than storing them as fat. Niacin, or B3, helps in that regard, and B6 promotes tissue rebuilding. B12 also helps rebuild, and it supports the nervous system. If your calories are low, try a B-complex supplement for more muscle, less fat and increased energy.

Michael O’Hearn Takes His Lifting Mentality Into Battle as Titan Drug-Free and on TV

Lonnie Teper

Michael O’Hearn 
Takes His Lifting Mentality Into Battle as Titan Drug-Free and on TV

Okay, I admit I was getting a tad impatient with Michael O’Hearn after 10 days of trying to run down that “Titan” of the entertainment industry. After all, we go way, way back, and now he’d forgotten about little ole me?

I first met O’Hearn at the famous Los Angeles eatery The Original Pantry back in the early ’90s, when he was an awestruck pup visiting from Kirkland, Washington. The intro came courtesy of Marty Demirjian, a former manager of folks like Gary Strydom and Shane DiMora.

Don’t Back Down

Jack LaLanne

Don’t Back Down

I don’t need to tell you how important it is to care for your back. You need to build it so it remains strong and won’t break down.

Begin with two-arm dumbbell rows to straighten your spine. With a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees slightly and face both palms inward. Bend forward to make your upper body parallel to the floor. Exhale as you pull the weights up to the sides of your waist. Let them down slowly as you inhale. You can also do these facedown on an incline bench to help keep the movement strict.

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