Natural Bodybuilding Book Excerpt 10 Sets of 10

John Hansen

Natural Bodybuilding  Book Excerpt 10 Sets of 10

Training intensity and volume are believed to be inversely related. If the intensity of a workout goes up, training volume must simultaneously fall. As Mike Mentzer repeatedly preached in his sermons on training intensity, “You can train hard or you can train long, but you can’t do both.”

However, despite the prevailing attitude about intensity and duration, it is possible to make a workout more intense by adding more volume. More sets can equate to more work for a muscle. More work can be interpreted as greater intensity, even though each set is not taken to absolute failure.

Cardio Fitness

Jerry Brainum

Cardio Fitness

Bodybuilders continue to debate whether they need to do aerobic exercise. One school deems aerobics not only superfluous but also a hindrance to muscle gains because it contributes to overtraining and blunts the release of anabolic hormones, coupled with an increase in catabolic hormones. The benefits of aerobics, those critics say, including fat burning and developing cardiovascular fitness, can all be achieved simply through weight training.

Lost-and-Found Department

Dave Draper

Lost-and-Found Department

Some folks collect rare coins, stamps or antique cars—precious, impressive and a joy to the owner. The fascinating items are appropriately stored in safe places and admired by enthusiasts on special occasions. Sometimes they’re traded or sold for large sums of money.

I collect old forgotten facts and similar abstract collectibles relative to exercise and fitness (I also have a garage full of rusty scrap metal). They’re valuable yet don’t cost a dime. People seek them as precious gold nuggets, yet I find them in plain sight on any gym floor. Once found, they are not stored under lock and key; they are applied and utilized regularly. And I don’t trade them or sell them for large sums of money; I give them away to anyone who can use them.

More Size On the Tri’s

Paul Burke

More Size On the Tri’s

Q: I’m 52 years young, and I’d like to know how you train your triceps for that full look you display in the photo at the end of your columns.

A: That picture was taken when I was 47 years old, and I was in perhaps the best natural shape of my life. How did I make those horseshoe triceps without the aid of anabolic steroids and/or growth hormone?

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