Time to Squat

Bill Starr

Time to Squat

Most readers of this magazine want to make continuous progress and move their top-end numbers up on a regular basis. Change is an excellent method of achieving those goals. Changing a routine, even slightly, can instill enthusiasm for your workouts. Anything that helps you look forward to your next session in the weight room is a positive thing.

Hendershott’s Shot

Ruth Silverman

Hendershott’s Shot

COLUMBUS, Ohio—One thing you can say about Jen Hendershott: She lays it all out there. Her talent, her ’tude, her tits-to-the-ceiling enthusiasm are at the heart of every show she enters, wherever she places. Competing in a sport that was owned for years by Susie Curry, with Kelly Ryan and then Adela Garcia-Friedmansky always just ahead of her in the race to unseat Curry, must have felt like swimming in Jell-O at times, especially with Ryan’s seeming lock on the routine rounds. Yet somehow, with Curry retired and Ryan and AGF each winning two rounds apiece at every show, Jen managed to gain on Ryan in the physique rounds, coming in runner-up to Garcia-Friedmansky in the overall tally at the Olympia last fall. Then at the Fitness International on March 4, in front of her boisterous—and numerous—hometown fans at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the one-time Ohio State cheerleader saw her opening and took it, and before you could say, Go, Jenny, go!, she shot past Adela to score her first ever pro win.

The Nautilus North Study

John Little

The Nautilus
North Study

If you only had time to train once every seven days, would you be happy with a gain of 11 pounds of muscle in a month? If you only had time to train train once every two weeks for 15 minutes a workout, would you settle for a 19.5-pound gain of solid muscle in a year? If so, read on, for that’s exactly what subjects who took part in a two-week body-composition study are on track to gain this year at Nautilus North Strength & Fitness Centre in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

Jerry Shabazz

Ian Sitren

Jerry Shabazz

Jerry Shabazz calls himself “RiversideRookie” on BodySpace, but this rookie quickly found the right place to be. “This is the only site I know of where I can interact with people who have the same love of bodybuilding as I do,” he says. “I have yet to meet serious bodybuilders who live near me. So in a way these are friends and this is the community I feel most comfortable in. When I’m on BodySpace, I’m home.”

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