Spry Sprouts

Becky Holman

Spry Sprouts

Did you know that broccoli sprouts have far more cancer-fighting sulforaphane than adult broccoli? One gram of sprouts contains as much of the cancer fighter as 25 grams of adult broccoli. Try broccoli sprouts in salads or sandwiches.                                   

Stubborn-Fat Busters

Ori Hofmekler

Stubborn-Fat Busters

Citrus bioflavonoids contain natural properties that may block estrogen. They are abundant in the white, spongy layer of the peel.

Soy flavones have mild estrogenic properties. They bind to estrogen receptors in the tissues and block them from estrodiol, the most potent estrogen hormone. Estrodiol is called the bad estrogen because of its occasionally powerful effects on the body, such as bloating, water retention, fat gain, feminization of men (such as “bitch tits”), fat under the skin and stubborn fat gain around the chest and the belly.

Size-Building Essentials

Jose Antonio

Size-Building Essentials

The key to size? Essential amino acids—especially leucine—some carbs and creatine. Those building blocks are the foundation for size, strength and the pursuit of happiness. Okay, at least for size and strength. Two recent studies have further confirmed the value of essential amino acids.

One study evaluated the effects of enriching an essential amino acid (EAA) mixture with leucine on muscle protein metabolism in elderly and young individuals. Four groups—two elderly and two young—were studied before and after being dosed with 6.7 grams of EAAs. The scientists found that increasing the proportion of leucine helps the elderly but doesn’t result in further stimulation of muscle protein synthesis in young subjects.

Less Rest for a GH Surge?

Jerry Brainum

Less Rest for a
GH Surge?

A study presented at the NSCA conference by researchers from the University of Connecticut examined whether taking short rests between sets influences the release of growth hormone during exercise. The subjects were 10 bodybuilders with at least four years of training experience and 10 untrained but physically active men. The bodybuilders had previously trained on programs that featured short rests between sets. For the study both groups did six sets of 10 reps on the squat, resting two minutes between sets.

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