Food Facts  

Becky Holman

Food Facts  

Saw palmetto, from a dwarf palm, may be good for your prostate and relieve benign prostatic hyperbolise, according to the September ’05 World Journal of Urology. Try 320 milligrams per day if your drizzle is starting to fizzle.

Ginseng may help you build more hardness in muscles and elsewhere. A study discussed in

It Hurts So Good

Jerry Brainum

It Hurts So Good
“No pain, no gain.” The simple meaning of that adage is that unless you train with a certain level of intensity, gains in muscular strength will occur either slowly or not at all. In fact, according to the overload principle, to promote muscular growth and strength gains, you must apply some form of overload to any trained muscle.

Building the Body

Frank Zane

Building the Body

In the autumn of 1998 I began publishing Building the Body Quarterly. It started as a newsletter (you can read the first five issues online at and has expanded into a small magazine, sort of like the original Iron Man but without paid advertising. I write the entire publication myself, with perhaps one or two articles by people who know what they’re talking about. It’s filled with information about training, nutrition and bodybuilding psychology—what you might call a grass-roots publication—and addresses the question: How can I develop a Zane-like physique?

Best Moves for Big Bi’s

Steve Holman

Best Moves for Big Bi’s

Q: I love 3D Positions of Flexion training. It makes sense and has helped me bring up my chest and delts with fewer sets. My question is about biceps. Which is best for the contracted-position exercise, one-arm spider curls or concentration curls? Or are they about the same?

A: In the e-book X-traordinary Arms we explain the in-for-out/out-for-in principle. For biceps it means that to focus on the outer head for peak, you use an inner-grip exercise. Concentration curls are about as “in” as you can get.

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